Who we are



Cecco snc is a tour operator with 20 years of experience in holidays tailored all over the world.

IGV club, is a tour operator with a proven track in the industry that , over the years it has become a leader in the Italian tourist market.

Together they constitute a unique wealth of expertise. A global know how in the field of travel advice that has been improving over time.

Every realty is contributing its experience and passion to the success of the Group.

For every successful enterprise, there is someone who in the past took a bold decision.

The Team

  • Stefania Barduco
    Stefania Barduco
  • Moreno Fochi
    Moreno Fochi
  • Martina Pasqualini
    Martina Pasqualini
  • Debora Mangione
    Debora Mangione
  • Catia Longari
    Catia Longari



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